Forget Zombies Already; Kill Aliens in Earthfall, a New Co-Op Shooter

Up to Four Players Against Hordes of Aliens

Not long after the arrival of wave after wave of zombie game, more co-op shooters came. Then more, and then more and more. Today, we have a new FPS that has finally realized that aliens can be horrifying too. Presenting Earthfall, a new co-op experience brought to us by Seattle-based developer Holospark.

In Earthfall, squads of up to four players explore the remains of Earth post-alien invasion. Around every corner lurks something sinister or something volatile. Squad up, gear up, and 3-D print weapons to your heart’s content; this is Left 4 Dead and Half-Life having a baby. Once your group is ready and set, hordes of aliens will flood down the streets to tear you apart. And thanks to the company’s initiative, you’ll also be torn apart on PlayStation 4 on Xbox One. Revealed by the developer:

“When we launched Earthfall on Early Access, we received a great response from players,” said Russell Williams, CEO of Holospark. “Now it’s time to bring Earthfall to completion, along with making it available to Xbox One and PS4 players. We think players on all three platforms are going to be stunned by the game’s amazing 4K visuals and will find themselves unable to tear themselves away from the cooperative sci-fi-themed gameplay.”

Set in the Pacific Northwest, players will have access to a myriad of weapons and constructible defenses to face down hordes of diverse alien monsters. Here’s a look at some of the game’s features:

  • Cooperative Survival For up to Four Players – Team up with friends to survive the alien infestation. Robust multiplayer support and A.I. teammates stand ready to ensure a full team at any time regardless of available players
  • Build Your Defenses – Strategically deploy barricades to block the enemy hordes and install turrets anywhere to create perfect alien killing zones
  • Multiple Campaigns  Each campaign tells a story across several missions, allowing players to dive in and experience diverse settings and mission types across the Pacific Northwest
  • Close Encounters of the Brutal Kind – Deadly aliens come in all shapes and sizes, from massive drones armies attacking in waves to towering behemoths spitting plasma, every experience is different, each time you play
  • Battle Unpredictable Enemies – Earthfall features a dynamic spawn system providing a constant set of new challenges lurking behind every corner
  • An Unfolding Story – Every campaign reveals new content and secrets behind the world of Earthfall and the cataclysmic alien invasion

Coming soon to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Earthfall doesn’t have a specific release date yet, so be sure to stay tuned for updates.

SOURCE: Press Release