Overwatch: New Character Brigitte’s 1st Skin Revealed; It Looks Fantastic

Part Armored Warrior, Part Grease Monkey

As whenever Blizzard reveals a new character for Overwatch, it’s like a birthday celebration. Last week, we learned about Brigitte, the latest Support addition to the ever-growing roster. Today, they unveiled her special skin. Let me tell you: it’s worth throwing a party over.

Overwatch Japan was the first to tweet a new preview of the game skin. It presents Brigitte in her casual mechanic attire, but with the addition of armor components that make her look battle-ready. You make be familiar with the look since she first debuted wearing it in the Honor and Glory trailer for Reinhardt. You can catch the preview tweet below.

Obviously, this will be a launch skin for Blizzard’s new character. The best byproduct of receiving this skin upon launch is that it probably won’t cost 3,000 Overwatch coins to obtain. But as always, we should probably expect an entire wardrobe of new skins, as we’ve seen with every new character’s arrival. Furthermore, expect a new meta, hopefully, one where more people play support characters instead of DPS all the time.

Brigitte will be hitting Blizzard’s Public Test Realm soon. Any thoughts on the new skin? Feel free to drop a comment down below.