Shift Quantum to Rearrange Your World This Spring

Like A Reality-Warping Light Switch

Sometimes your puzzle games need a bit more than just pushing some blocks around. Once in a rare while, you’ve gotta push some blocks around while warping the fabric of space-time. Also, you’ve gotta do all that while looking super stylish. Shift Quantum, coming this Spring from Red Panda Interactive and Fishing Cactus, looks to fill this very particular niche.

Shift Quantum

The premise here is fairly simple: the game you are playing is a simulation designed to improve AI function and global cyber-security. The developers have come up with an eerily-convincing AR website to bolster this curious facade, with the site being so complete I’m still only 60% sure that it’s fake. Unless this is actually a technique for advancing the aims of an enormous global tech firm, in which case it’s a very effective strategy.

The game has no concrete release date just yet, but it’s set for Spring, so that’s not too far off. When we do get Shift Quantum, it’ll be coming out for PC, PS4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch. In the meanwhile, perhaps this trailer will help clear up some of the esoteric notions surrounding this title. I’m assuming the gameplay makes more sense once you’re in control of things.

SOURCE: Press Release