Monster Hunter World Is Now Capcom’s Fastest Selling Game Ever

Monster Hunter World Has Now Shipped 6 Million Copies

Monster Hunter World is taking the world by storm. Since our last report that five million copies of the game have shipped in the three days since its launch, Capcom has announced that that number has now grown to six million! That makes Monster Hunter World the fastest selling Capcom game in its history.

Capcom made the announcement via its website, then later on the Japanese Monster Hunter World Twitter account. While units shipped isn’t the same as units sold, these numbers are a good indicator of how popular the game currently is. That popularity has allowed it to be the top Xbox One game, beating out the likes of PUBG. Monster Hunter World has yet to launch on PC, which means it has the potential to boost sales figures even higher when it releases later this year.

The sales numbers are certainly impressive and are even somewhat surprising considering the series is known for being overly complicated and difficult to get into. While it’s been known that Monster Hunter World is the most accessible game yet, it can still be overwhelming for newcomers. To help circumvent this, the community has stepped up in a big way by creating a service called Adopt-a-Hunter. It allows first-timers to be paired with a Monster Hunter veteran to help them understand the complexities of the game like picking the right weapon, boosting stats through cooking, etc. Honestly, it’s an amazing display of community camaraderie that we would never have expected.

Here’s a snippet of our review for the game when it launched on January 26th:

“While Capcom has done an excellent job in improving accessibility for Monster Hunter: World, the game may still be tough to get into for new players with so many mechanics and features being presented at once. For fans of the series and those dedicated to learning the game, Monster Hunter: World is an experience that can last players for a long time. With strong gameplay, a decent narrative, and a great aesthetic, Monster Hunter: World is one of the best entries in a series now accessible to many more players.”

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