Brawler & Shooter Combine in the All-New ‘Sky Noon’

Behold a New Wild West Multiplayer Experience

Indie game developer Lunar Rooster is debuting their brawler experience that comes in the form of a fun shooter. Participate in arena matches as a gunslinger for hire, where the world is elevated and battles are sky high. Sky Noon is coming to Steam Early Access in Q2 2018, and it’s like no Western you’ve seen before.

Sky Noon is a multiplayer first-person shooter that aims to capture the feel of games like Brawlhalla and Super Smash Bros. Set in an alternate Wild West universe, players battle across floating isles in the sky. Game twists come in the form of zero-gravity maneuvers and the lack of a health bar. Rather than shoot to kill, you shot to send opponents flying out of the area. Super-power compressed air weapons lie at your disposal to blow cowboys out of their boots. So too are grappling hooks and lassoes available to help you get your bearings in high places. There are even jet-packs, jump pads, and teleporters; it’s the closest thing to Western Sci-Fi since Westworld.

“What we love about Sky Noon is how it really feels like a first-person brawler and that’s a refreshing take on the shooter genre,” states Ted Lange, Executive Producer for Reverb Triple XP, in a press release. “Sky Noon really has that unique and elusive fun factor that’s hard to find in most multiplayer games and that’s a testament to the clear direction of fun design the Lunar Rooster development team has focused on when making Sky Noon.”

Sky Noon entered development with a team of four and has come a long way since. A Wild West brawler like this hasn’t made the rounds in recent memory, and very few have proven innovative, but creator and lead designer Craig Taylor has stuck with it for the past two years. As a result, the final product looks quite polished.

“The feeling of bringing your first video game project to life is absolutely surreal and amazing,” states Craig Taylor, lead developer of Lunar Rooster, in a press release. “The idea was really simple – let’s make a first person shooter that felt familiar, yet different. We’re delighted that there’s gamers that wanted this type of experience and the team is really looking forward to the feedback from players to improve Sky Noon during the Early Access development.”

Look forward to Sky Noon on Steam, and expect announcements as we settle into 2018. Happy gaming.

SOURCE: Press Release