Anthem May Include Player Titles & Visible Damage on Characters

Looks Like Anthem Will Include Classic MMO Elements

Anthem is expected to be a huge, shared-world experience in the vein of Destiny. That said, the consensus is that it’s incredibly ambitious. We haven’t seen gameplay since the game’s debut, but, thanks to the activity of some devs on Reddit, players are not completely in the dark.

Anthem 1

BioWare’s Technical Design Director, Brennon Holmes, has been active on Reddit, granting some attention to community thoughts and feedback. While he hasn’t surrendered crucial gameplay info, he has talked about potential inclusions. Earlier this year, he said Anthem’s maps would be bigger than Destiny’s. One player recently mentioned the possibility of character titles as a reward for completing in-game feats and challenges, features we see in MMOs like World of Warcraft and The Old Republic. Holmes responded:

“Cool idea, I’ll kick it over to the systems team – I think there’s a way of integrating this into something else we’re already doing ????.”

In another thread, one user mentioned visibly damaged Javelins as a form of player feedback. Javelins, as the debut revealed, are exosuits that allow players to explore the hostile open world outside social hubs. Again, Holmes mentioned serious interest in this feature.

“This is something we’ve been talking about – it’s a little unclear on whether or not we can incorporate it into the final shader solution… but I think we’re definitely interested in something like this!”

Whether or not BioWare will include these features in the final product, we’ll have to wait until 2019 to find out. Maybe the delay will give them the additional time to do so. Either way, let us hope for the best game we can get.

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SOURCE: Wccftech