Sprint Vector Beta Coming To Oculus Rift And HTC Vive

Join The Race This Friday

Moving around in virtual reality games has always been rather problematic. Lame, even. Sprint Vector looks to solve this problem by making movement the absolute best part of the entire experience. Curious players can get in on the Sprint Vector beta this Friday for a chance to see just how cool competitive foot-racing can be.

Sprint Vector Beta

The beta will run from the 19th to the 28th of January, 2018. Said beta will give players  access to a varied slice of the final game’s complete content, including:

·  Tutorial levels (Vive + Oculus)

·  3 Maps (Arid, Winter Rush, Toxic Barrage)

·  Full Character roster (Default skins only)

·  Full power-ups roster

·  2 Challenge maps (Driftway, Blastoff), 3 challenges per map (Time Trail, Collection, and Hardcore)

·  Singleplayer + multiplayer AI

·  Quick Play + Private lobby (invite your friends into a private race)

·  Online, 8-player multiplayer (during online hours)

The first-person running sim looks like an excellent litmus test for one’s motion sickness sensitivity. You careen over gaps, down pathways and through bright, beautiful environments. The extended time frame for the beta means that anyone participating will have a chance to try more or less every aspect of the game. That means races on regular maps, challenge maps, single and multiplayer sessions using every character. Curious players can check out the beta here. You can check out the newest trailer, which focuses on tone rather than gameplay, embedded below.

SOURCE: Press Release