Peter Molyneux Already Has Ideas for Rumoured Fable Game

Series Creator Thinks the Upcoming Rumoured Fable Game Should Be a Prequel

While nothing has been confirmed, it’s looking more and more likely that Forza Horizon developer Playground Games is indeed working on a new entry in the Fable series for the Xbox One.

It’s still much too early to tell where Playground Games may take the popular fantasy RPG franchise, but it seems that series creator Peter Molyneux already has some ideas brewing in his head. Even though he isn’t apart of the franchise anymore, his perspective is still noteworthy given that he created it.

Fable Anniversary Edition

“The Fable story hinted at a dramatic time before Fable 1 when the Guild was founded, this would be a perfect setting for Fable 4,” Molyneux said to IGN. If the new title is a prequel, he states that ”the land of Albion would be much more primitive, the magic much more attuned to nature, the combat much more brutal.”

The first two Fable games hinted at the creation of the Guild, so putting that type of decision making in the hands of the player would make for some interesting gameplay scenarios.

Molyneux also hopes the combat and magic system gets retooled. Speaking on the latter, he hopes that players are given the “ability to craft your own unique system.” He’d also like for players to befriend more animal familiar like a cat, dog, bird, or goldfish. Their purpose would be to assist in magic and to form a bond with you. Another addition he hopes to see would be a horse you could train and a home that players can build from scratch.

Fable Anniversary Edition

He suggests a creature bestiary would be beneficial and that it would include small and large creatures like rideable dragons and “god-sized giants.” Finally, he thinks that the player’s alignment should morph according to their actions. In other words, a player that sneaks a lot might become a thief while a player that adheres to a code of honour would become a knight.

It’s clear that Molyneux has thought a lot about the direction of the Fable series, and if given the chance, he probably would’ve incorporated many of these ideas into a future game. If Playground Games is fishing for new ideas, perhaps calling up the series creator wouldn’t be a bad idea.

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