Check out These New Retro-Style Controllers for Nintendo Switch

Include Wireless Functionality and More for Your Gaming Platforms

Do you love your Nintendo Switch? Rhetorical question. Check out these new retro-inspired controllers from 8bitdo. If you’re a fan of the NES or Famicom and want some old-school flair for your modern gaming, then here’s a set of controllers worth looking into.

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Available on the funstock website, these retro controllers are built to function with your modern gaming system. They are perfect for your Nintendo Switch and will work with PC, Mac, Steam, iOS, and Android. That’s a lot of functionality for one price. Find your preferred platform and go wild with any one of three new sets.

For starters, we have the N30 Arcade Stick is perfect if you’re looking for that extreme vintage experience. It has your classic buttons and stick for the best fighting game experience. But for better convenience, the controller keys are programmable and fully moddable to take your gaming to the next level. You’ll be back to having the time of your life with fighting games old and new. And to make it last, the N30 comes with a ridiculous 18-hour battery life.

Then we have the NES style N30, which is practically a replica of the original NES controller. But it works for current-generation gaming! Comes with Bluetooth technology and priceless levels of nostalgia. Moreover, you can use this controller with the NES Classic.

However, if you really want to get into the old-school spirit, there’s the Famicom Style F30 Pro. Here is one of the more immaculate designs, which includes dual analogue sticks, Bluetooth connectivity, and 8 programmable buttons. Everything comes squeezed into a sturdy, ergonomic body for comfortable gaming.

There’s your dose of nostalgia for the day. Of course, you can enjoy any of these controllers every day by visiting the funstockretro accessories page. There’s plenty to see, but it’s there you’ll find these immaculate controller designs.

Happy gaming.