Amazing Puzzle/Tower Defense, Gunhouse, Arrives for Nintendo Switch

Piece Together Puzzles. The Reward? Blasting Enemies

You probably need this game because you feel compelled to get silly on the go. Also, you want to exercise your brain and entertain yourself at the same time. Presenting Gunhouse for the Nintendo Switch, a game by Necrosoft that cleverly combines puzzle-solving and Tower Defense.

Gunhouse began its life on mobile and, as of today, is now on console— the portable console that is. There are a number of ways to play: with Joy-Cons, the Pro controller, or via the touch-screen. You can switch as you please, whenever the hell you please. It’s so easy. However, the game was already a riveting and unique experience before it hit the Nintendo Switch.

In Gunhouse, players put puzzle pieces together in order to shoot attacking alien invaders. Your combinations will inevitably lead to firing different types of ammunition. Some are deadlier than others, and some are downright ridiculous—but they get the job done. And you’re going to need to upgrade your weapons if you want to play the infinite levels. After wave and wave of minions, you’ll encounter crazy boss battles. Want a bigger challenge? Well, there’s also a hardcore mode if you’re feeling a little masochistic. As you play, you’ll also be treated to the music of Fez composer Disasterpeace. There’s a lot to love about the experience.

“Since the death of PlayStation Mobile, we’ve been wanting to bring Gunhouse to new audiences, and add all the features we never could before,” says Brandon Sheffield, Creative Director at Necrosoft. “Switch is the perfect home for Gunhouse, and I guarantee you’ve never played a puzzle game quite like this one. Many poor souls have been lost to its addictiveness – some fans have been playing this game for 80 hours and counting! They’ll never be free!”

I wasn’t kidding about those infinite levels. You can get started on the journey to infinity for $14.99. Simply look for Gunhouse in the Nintendo eShop.

SOURCE: Press Release