Arcade Archives Bringing Double Dragon to the Switch

Bimmy and Jimmy to the Rescue!

Big news for beat-em-up aficionados: Hamster’s Arcade Archives project has brought Double Dragon to the Nintendo Switch. Now you can help Bimmy and Jimmy save the day once again, just as it was all the way back in 1987. Good times.Arcade Archives Double Dragon

I don’t know whether this game represents the best of the beat-em-up genre or just the first, but you can’t deny that these two brothers represent some formative milestones in arcade history. If any game is worthy of preservation on a modern console like the Switch, it’s this one. Personally, my experience is more rooted in the NES version of this game, with the simpler graphics and music. Although, on the other hand, high kicks are a universal language that transcend paltry things like pixels.

Double Dragon joins the already-impressive roster of side-scrolling action games on the Nintendo Switch, sharing space with a whole mess of Fatal Fury titles. I mean, there’s also Arcade classics on the Switch that don’t rely on kicks and punches to dole out justice, but who’s got time for that? There’s a trailer for the game embedded below, in case this whole franchise has eluded your notice up to this point. Good luck, and happy… high-kicking!