Three People Shot After a Nintendo Gaming Session Gone Bad

The Number of People Involved Is Unclear

Certainly, games have been known to create contention between people. But the whole point of games since the dawn of time has been to bring people together. One occasion went in the complete opposite direction when, yesterday, a Nintendo gaming session in south-west Houston turned radically violent.

According to Houston police, a group of gamers was spending their leisure time with a Nintendo console at 10:30 PM. It took place at Sharon Park Village Apartments on Chimney Rock. During, a heated altercation occurred that led to one person pulling out a gun and firing on others.

As reported by Fox26, three people were injured as a result of this gamer rage but the exact reasons for the shooting haven’t been confirmed. At face value, it seems as if one person took the gaming session too seriously and actually resorted to using a weapon. There are all kinds of gamer quips coming to my head right now, but considering three people were shot, I cannot report so frivolously.

Thankfully, nobody died as a result of this extreme rage-quitting. All three people are expected to recover. Although, it is still unclear how many people were involved in the shooting. We hope to learn more as time goes by. For now, remember folks, it’s just a game. It may be an amazing and/or highly competitive game, but we need to maintain perspective.