Horizon Chase Turbo Looking Fabulous, New PSX Footage Released

Like The Arcade Racer Of Your Dreams

If you’re old enough to remember the arcade racing games of days gone by, then Horizon Chase Turbo will feel all too familiar. If you’ve never played anything like this, the glitzy arcade aesthetic will worm its way into your memories regardless. This glorious racer got some new footage at PSX 2017 this weekend which did an excellent job of showcasing what the game is all about.

Horizon Chase Turbo

The game is a shinier version of the original Horizon Chase, playable for the first time at PSX 2017. There will be splitscreen play, letting people relive (or experience for the first time) that feeling of couch/arcade co-op the arcades made famous all those years ago. All that’s missing are the quarters you’d pump in for an extra couple of races.

The developers at Aquiris are shooting for a Spring 2018 release for both PS4 and PC. Hopefully we’ll see more details about the game in the earliest part of next year. In the meanwhile, check out the video below for an idea of what I’ve been rambling about this entire time. Seriously, how strong is that arcade/Cruisin’ vibe? All that’s missing (aside from the slot for quarters) are the badly-rendered shots of scantily-clad women holding huge flags and wondering what the hell they did to get to this point in their lives.

SOURCE: Press Release