There’s Still Two Days To Grab Your Holiday Overwatch Loot Boxes

What, Are You Gonna Pass Up Some Free Stuff?

The holidays have more or less come and gone, but there’s still a chance for presents. Blizzard is giving away Overwatch loot boxes from now until the 1st of January. That leaves two whole days to collect some free stuff.

Overwatch Loot Box Drop Rates

All you have to do is log into Overwatch, and five free loot boxes will be yours fro the opening. Of course, there’s no guarantee that whatever’s inside will be anything good, but that’s part of the fun, right? Thankfully, these are the fun cosmetic kind of loot boxes, and not the sad/scary pay-to-win kind that  have been blowing up the news this year.

This is all part of Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland event, which includes a whole bunch of skins and emotes to potentially unlock. Again, the whole event has that quasi-gambling feel, but it’s the fun/stupid kind that doesn’t negatively impact the gameplay. If the five free loot boxes don’t yield what you’re looking for in terms of rewards, you can always buy more of them. After January 1st, all of these skins and emotes will vanish into the fog along with the Winter Wonderland event, which is likely what drives people to snatch up these delightful items in the first place. Happy end-of-the-holidays!