Blossom Tales, A Delightful Zelda Clone, Is Out On Switch

Legally Distinct And Just Lovely

If you’re looking for some 2D Zelda action on the Nintendo Switch, consider Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King. All of the top-down, 2D action, exploring and puzzle-solving with an original story and a couple of delightful twists. On a Nintendo system, no less!

Blossom Tales Switch

You play a young girl named Lily on a quest to rescue the king from a pesky sleeping curse. The whole story is being told to a couple of kids by their grandfather. In fact, there will be points where the kids will end up directly influencing how the story/game plays out. They’ll argue about what sort of monsters you should be fighting in a given section, for example.

The whole game just drips with Zelda from every pore. There’s even heart pieces! However, Blossom Tales is appearing on the Switch, so you know it’s got the blessing of Nintendo and their lawyers. Personally, I’ve got a terrible craving for more Zelda in my life. This seems like an excellent remedy for such a condition, especially given how closely it appears to follow the essential hallmarks of the formula. Plus, it’s loaded with charm, which is always a bonus. You can check out the trailer below, if you’re looking for a better idea of what’s in store.