Wear Those Stupid Pants from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 in Breath of the Wild

Coming to Breath of the Wild This Thursday

Today’s Nintendo Direct presentation for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on the Nintendo Switch confirms this upcoming RPG sequel is dense with mechanics from scouring the lands for materials to leveling up your Blades’ attacks or stats. Seriously, the Nintendo Direct laid out so many details in its 16 minutes that it will make even the most hardcore JRPG veteran spin their head. Towards the end of the video, we actually got a fun surprise for Breath of the Wild in the form of some crossover content from the huge JRPG.

breath of the wild x xenoblade chronicles 2

Starting this Thursday, players may want to hope back into Breath of the Wild as there will be a new special mission which unlocks a new costume unlock for Link. The outfit, seen above, is inspired by the main character of Xenoblade Chronicles 2. The great thing about Breath of the Wild is that many armor sets provide some cool perk, thus, it’ll be interesting to see what Link will be able to do once slipping into that thighless gear. I’m a bit surprised that this game crossed over with Zelda as opposed to the recent Super Mario Odyssey.

Best of all, this new content will be available as a free update for Breath of the Wild too! So jump back into Hyrule this Thursday!