Behold the Super Mario Cereal That Doubles as an amiibo

Supposedly Gives In-Game Bonuses for Super Mario Odyssey

Everyone wants in on the Nintendo Switch hype train, even Kelloggs, apparently. Companies are trying to get their own Nintendo cereal going, and now we have a new cereal with Super Mario-themed marshmallows, and it looks delicious. Behold the official Super Mario Cereal. Much like Cappy, you’ll want to possess this item right away.

Super Mario Cereal

To make the Super Mario Cereal all the more appealing, Nintendo included a sticker that functions as an amiibo for Super Mario Odyssey. Nintendo’s pockets are deep, so deep that a plumber is about to overtake a leprechaun as one of the most beloved faces on cereal boxes. Thus, he won’t have to worry about kids going after those charms.

This is all a big fat rumor, however. While we do have an image of the cereal box, the only word we have from Kellog is an alleged tweet they sent to a Twitter user named Chris. The rumor came to use from via Furthermore, the box art may not be finalized. It better not be finalized because “Naturally flavored with other natural flavors” is a very redundant sentence to put on a cereal box. What do you think?

As for the alleged tweet that’s proven hard to find, you can find it below.

“We cerealously appreciate your continued interest in seeing a Nintendo cereal, Chris! We hope you’ll keep an eye out for the new Super Mario Cereal that is hitting store shelves now. This star-shaped cereal features Super Mario-inspired marshmallows, and a limited number of packages will have an Amiibo powerup sticker that can be used on the Super Mario Odyssey game with the Nintendo Switch gaming console. We also appreciate your additional feedback regarding classic cereal favorites, and thanks for taking the time to write!” —@KelloggsUS

Comment your thoughts on this potential cereal coming to the US. Do you think it’s real? Would you purchase a Super Mario-themed cereal? Of course, you would.