Romancing Saga 2 Heads to PS Vita in December

The Old School JRPG Comes to Other Consoles as Well

PS Vita hopefuls rejoice! December brings an old-school port to the handheld console as Romancing Saga 2 makes its way to PS Vita in December, series creator Akitoshi Kawazu said in a Tweet. Kawazu also noted it would come to “other consoles” as well, one can only hope that includes the Switch.

romancing saga 2

This version is the mobile port that was released in 2016 for Western audiences which included new dungeons, two new classes: diviner and ninja, a New Game+ mode, and a new garden gameplay mechanic too. It features updated visuals, but rest assured, this isn’t the ugly Final Fantasy mobile ports which butcher their fantastic pixel art. Take a look at the trailer below for an overview of what to expect.

As someone who’s never touched a Romancing SaGa series game, the trailer looks quite promising with class systems and a branching narrative. Plus, it’s always nice to Vita gamers get a bone with a beefy JRPG release like this. We’ll have more details on what other consoles Kawaza is hinting at when Square Enix drops an official statement about it.

Source: Gematsu