To The Moon’s 2nd Episode, Finding Paradise, Drops Next Month

Finding Paradise Will Release on Steam on December 15th

For those who missed out on the narrative-heavy, To The Moon, the original from Freebird Games was Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind meets RPGmaker. Playing as two scientists who work with technology that interacts with memories of a dying patient to fulfill their wish, you can bet that the game gets melancholic as you encounter the patient at different stages of their lives. You also have to help fulfill the wish of said patient as well. I had no idea it would be a series, but Finding Paradise‘s new trailer today carried a release date that will put a smile on fans of the original.


On the game’s Steam page, this game is described as dealing with a wish of a patient named Colin Reeds whose wish “seems rather paradoxical… to change something yet change nothing at all.” If you weren’t a fan of the original, this new episode doesn’t look like it’ll do anything to change your mind. That said, if you enjoy games that take their time to fully flesh out characters and their motivations, this series should be on your playlist. The game’s lovely pixel art certainly helps too.

The trailer is certainly a lot cheekier than I thought it’d be as it pokes fun at some of the industry’s issues today such as loot boxes. One other nice thing to note is that Finding Paradise is a standalone full game that doesn’t require you to play the original.

Finding Paradise will be making you weep when it hits PC on December 15th.

Source: Official Store