Pokemon Go Players Successfully Unlocked Farfetch’d By Catching 3 Billion Pokemon

Okay, So It Wasn’t Impossible After All

We reported last week about Pokemon Go’s Global Catch Challenge, a week-long event that urged players to go out and catch 3 billion Pokemon to unlock big rewards. If successful, the Japan-exclusive Farfetch’d would be available worldwide for a short time. And well, that’s exactly what happened!

pokemon go worldwide bloom event

Over the past week, the Pokemon Go community has surpassed each milestone unlocking loads of perks including double XP, 6-hour lures, increased Pokemon spawns, and double stardust. The goal of 3 billion catches was reached on Sunday morning and within the deadline, a feat we didn’t think was possible. By completing the challenge, Farfetch’d can now be found in your area for the next 48 hours. Players in Japan can find the Australian-exclusive monster, Kangaskhan.

Even if you’re a lapsed Pokemon Go player, it’s probably worth opening the app and catching Farfetch’d due to its region-exclusivity. Unless you’re planning a trip to Japan in the near future, this may be your only opportunity to add it to your Pokedex.

The Global Catch Challenge is also proof that Pokemon Go is far from dead despite the drop in active players. The developer, Niantic, is planning on releasing gen 3 Pokemon into the game next month, hopefully in time for Christmas. They are also hard at work on a new Harry Potter AR mobile game called Harry Potter: Wizards Unite that will be similar to Pokemon Go.

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