Nintendo Switch Players Favour Handheld Mode Over Playing on the TV

Majority of Switch Owners Use Both, Though

More people prefer playing their Nintendo Switch in handheld mode versus playing on their TV, according to recent Switch usage statistics from Nintendo.

Skyrim Switch

Nintendo conducted the research by analysing Nintendo Account users who played online and calculated which style was used for more than 80 percent of the time. The graph below shows that the majority of Switch owners don’t have a preference and “switch” between both playstyles evenly. After that, however, undocked mode edges out docked mode.

According to the graph, 30 percent of players prefer handheld mode, while less than 20 percent play on their TV.

Nintendo Switch Usage Data

While this certainly is an interesting statistic, there isn’t all that much information to draw from. What would make this even more interesting would be to find out how many Switch users actually take it outside and play. It’s also cool to see that most people are enjoying their Switch in both playstyles which is exactly what Nintendo was hoping to achieve.

Ideally, playing at home in front of the TV is my preferred way to play but sometimes that just isn’t possible with my schedule so I resort to taking it with me. However, with the release of Super Mario Odyssey, I played through its entirety in front of my TV. Sometimes I reserve certain indie games for handheld mode while AAA titles are saved for docked play.

That’s just me, though. How do you prefer to play your Nintendo Switch? Tell us in the comment section below.