Watch These Jeopardy Contestants Bomb a Question About Pokemon

Only One Contestant Got it Right

Who doesn’t love a good round of Jeopardy now and again, especially when the game is winding down during its intense Final Jeopardy round? It’s even more enjoyable when video games are brought up as categories. That’s exactly what happened during November 28th’s show when Pokemon became the subject of a Final Jeopardy round. You can check out the video below to see how it all turned out.

The hint? “The desire in his childhood to catch every insect inspired Satoshi Tajiri to create this 1996 game,” was read by long-time host, Alex Trebek. The correct answer is, of course, Pokemon Red and Green. So what did the contestants write down?

The first contestant, Matt Preston — who was in third place with $10,400 — responded with “What is Pokemon?” While not 100% accurate, Trebek still accepted the answer. And because Preston wagered $10,399, he basically doubled his winnings and took home over $20,000. Nice one!

Preston’s two other rivals, sadly, didn’t fare as well with the question. Amanda Barlau, who was in second place, wrote down Splat! That’s a 1983 ZX Spectrum maze computer game which, as most people would know, has nothing to do with Pokemon. She had bet $6,000 and finished with $6,400.

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The third and final contestant, Marcus Gresham — who was leading the game with $14,400 — bet $10,001 on the 1980 arcade game, Centipede. That sent Marcus all the way down to third place with only $4,399. Yikes! Nice try, Marcus. At least your answer was somewhat connected.

Congrats to Matt Preston on the win. We would urge the rest to brush up on their Pokemon knowledge next time.