Fire Emblem Warriors Gets More Lewd with Next Update

Fire Emblem Warriors 1.2 Update Coming Next Week

Everybody’s favourite tactical waifu/husbando game gets a little lewder as Koei Temco is bestowing Fire Emblem Warriors with an update that adds a slew of new features including Fighting Vipers‘ armor-busting mechanic.

Fire Emblem Warriors

First off, the army-busting game will receive a new History Map, “Hero Contest”, that lets Rowan and Lianna test their mettle against various heroes in an arena. The update also brings a new weapon attribute, “Armor Strike” where enemies struck by a weapon with this new attribute will enter an Armor Break state that compromises their defense and resistance. That said, you can also enter the new vulnerable state if hit by an enemy with a strong attack. Moreover, Rowan and Lianna will lose attire upon entering Armor Break state like Arthur in Ghosts and Goblins. However, I wonder if they get their clothes back on upon leaving that state. That said, the duo can enjoy some new costumes as the “Gold Prince” costume has been added for Rowan while Lianna gets the “Gold Princess” costume.

We enjoyed Fire Emblem Warriors in our review of the Switch version, and it’s good to see Koei Temco pushing new updates to keep warriors on the field.

Source: Gematsu