Final Fantasy XIV Director Still Interested in Switch and Xbox One Ports

Final Fantasy XIV + Switch Would Be Amazing

In a recent interview with Eurogamer, Final Fantasy XIV‘s Director (and Savior) Naoki Yoshida shared that he would be interested in bringing the massive MMORPG to other platforms, including Switch and Xbox One. The interview goes over the turmoil that plagued the early days of the game before its reboot and how its initial failure was an important catalyst to its grand revival when Yoshida took over. Near the end, the interview goes into fishing for a Switch port. “I’d like to open it up to as many platforms as possible – we want to include as many players as possible,” he replied. “Not just Switch – even Xbox, if it’s interested in this, we’d like to open it up.”


Final Fantasy IV Stormblood

That said, if it comes to other consoles, Yoshida insisted that it would have to have cross server function to allow adventurers from different consoles band together in the same world. He described this as “something that’s at the core of FF14, so we’d want to keep that as a policy.” He mentioned the hurdle ahead as first parties would likely have to alter their policies. As an MMORPG player, Yoshida said, “I’d love to play with many people globally, and we’ve been talking to those platforms about getting it on their hardware.” He also noted that the platformer holders are responding with a positive attitude to these conversations.

Would it be feasible? The massive MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV, on Switch? Considering the game used to be for PS3, I wonder if they’d be able to scale it back as having the game on Switch would be pretty rad.

Source: Eurogamer