Dark Souls by the Way of Cuphead

Prepare to Die Again in Cuphead

If you’ve ever been curious about a Dark SoulsCuphead mashup, YouTube channel, 64 Bits has got you covered with their latest video. No need to rant anymore about how Cuphead isn’t the Dark Souls of platformers as the channel made a mock video of how Dark Souls would look with the tough platformer’s fantastic vintage cartoon aesthetics.


Solaire of Astoria joins the player in the video below as they use pellet shots to take down some of Dark Souls‘ iconic baddies from Sif to the Gaping Dragon. While we’ll likely never see this dream project, it does highlight how a Cuphead crossover with other video games could look. Check out the awesome video just below:

Besides their Cupsouls video, the channel also does animated videos of other games too. Their first one on Breath of the Wild‘s Korok on Death Mountain is fun stuff too. Bravo to 64 Bits for this great piece of fandom.