Steven Universe RPG Releases on October 31 for PS4 and Xbox One

No Word Yet on Save the Light Coming to Switch

Still waiting for the next Steven Bomb? Well, Steven Universe fans can at least get their hands on the upcoming Paper Mario-esque, Steven Universe RPG called, Save the Light. Grumpyface Studio finally dropped the release date for the game today via a press release as it’ll come to PS4 and Xbox One (sorry, Switch fans) on October 31st for North America and Latin America. For the rest of the world, Xbox One will have a global release on November 3rd instead.

Steven Universe

The title is a sequel to the mobile title, Attack the Light, which features Steven and the Gems using timing-sensitive turn-based combat to save the day. That said, the studio has said that this game can be enjoyed without playing the first. Fans can look forward to upgrading your party’s skills, exploring the cartoon’s colorful worlds, and reading a brand new story co-written by Rebecca Sugar. This video game adaption of the popular cartoon looks to retain a lot of the show’s charm and heart through its pastel graphics and simpler, but still cute, character designs.

A release date for Save the Light on PS4 outside of North America and Latin America will be announced soon.

Source: Press Release