Chronicles of Nyanya Gets New Trailer for the Cat Adventure of a Lifetime

Behold the Ninja Cats

Fans of old-school RPGs and cats, rejoice! We are getting closer to the release of The Chronicles of Nyanya. Your search for the purrfect RPG is nearing its end. We’re getting a parody of all the greatest RPG classics, but with all of the fun gameplay that defined them.

Chronicles of Nyanya

In The Chronicles of Nyanya, players will step into the shoes of an ordinary cat who must become a catassassin. In essence, we have a revenge story with a full bowl of witty dialogue, pop culture references, and classic RPG combat. More importantly, it has cats. Join a group of ridiculous felines in a quest that transcends knocking objects off tables.

Ironically developed by Fat Dog Games, The Chronicles of Nyanya is bound to solicit certain feelings of nostalgia. As you navigate the world with your sprite party, you’ll be amazed at the size of the world, its classic aesthetic, and the unique interactions. It might also spur your desire to go and watch some anime. So, there are no downsides.

Chronicles of Nyanya gameplay features come as follows:

– Engaging cat-filled narrative with complex dialogues.
– A lot of entertainment thanks to the vast, high fantasy world of Nyanya, where (almost) everything is cat-related.
– Beautiful artwork bringing to mind the old school games, which all of us remember and love.
– A huge amount of unique sense of humor.
– Various ways of completing quests, ranging from brutal fights, through talking and sneaking to solving puzzles.
– Numerous non-linear tasks based on the reputation of the character, ranging from friendship to revenge.
– Non-stop talking and playing with cats

Find The Chronicles of Nyanya on Steam November 18, and don’t forget your litterbox. If you would like to learn more, you can visit the official website.

Happy gaming.

SOURCE: Press Release