Star Citizen Reveals “Pioneer” Ship Worth $750; Let’s You Colonize Planets

Ever Wanted Your Own Planetside Colony

As one of the most ambitious titles this side of the galaxy, Star Citizen is only getting bigger. In Cloud Imperium Games’ latest update, they unveiled the Pioneer, the first ever colony ship. Here’s your alternative to being a space ace or a jockey spending life on a vessel.

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Announced today, during CitizenCon, the Consolidated Outland Pioneer will allow anyone to set up a planet outpost, deploying modules that will let you construct the perfect planetary haven. The outpost can then be expanded into a settlement where you can, pretty much, do anything you please. Take note – This colonization feature has never been seen in Star Citizen and adds a wholly new layer of gameplay.

As for how you can acquire one of these colonizing beauties, the starting price is $750. This is a limited product available in Star Citizen’s pledge section. Meaning, all proceeds will go toward development. The game is a work in progress, after all. But for the money, it seems players will be privileged in their right to colonize their own planet, and that’s never really been done in a sandbox MMO of this caliber.

However, the Pioneer will be available for in-game credits when the science fiction universe officially launches. So, no need to fret too much.

Look forward to more Star Citizen updates as time goes by, and, hopefully, you’ll one day see a release date among them.

Happy gaming.