More Fun Shadow of War Trailers from WB and theCHIVE!

New Shadow of War Trailers Collab with theCHIVE for Hilarity

Well, in a follow up to our article on the first wave of Shadow of War trailers, WB is at it again after its success. This time we have episodes Thrak babysitting and cooking with friends in the latest Shadow of War trailers.

Aww, look at Thrak! Adorable! While other trailers have been one-offs, Thrak is looking to have his own sitcom, boasting five quick and easy to digest episodes.

Man Thrak, you really don’t get human life, and that’s where the humor comes from. Wow, I’ve really explained the joke to all of these and it has become unfunny. Time to rectify that.

Look at these past Thrak episodes!

Haha, you got it buddy! That’s some office humor for ya!

Shadow of War trailers

WB partnered with online feel-good news site theCHIVE to create this viral series. We hope there are more to come!