Here’s What Jonathan Blow Said About The Witness Coming to the Nintendo Switch

“You Know, We Would Consider It”

The Witness came out on PS4 and PC in early 2016 to immediate critical acclaim. It was a puzzle game like no other, forcing players to traverse a complex island full of mechanically-simple but difficult puzzles. It was deemed by many outlets as one of the finest puzzle games ever made. Since then, it’s been ported to the Xbox One and, just last month, to iOS platforms. With more people now being able to enjoy the game, it was just a matter of time before talk of other possible ports began sprouting up, mainly for the Nintendo Switch.

The Witness main 1280x

Jonathan Blow, the creator of The Witness and 2008’s Braid, was interviewed by GameSpot about possibly porting his games to Nintendo’s fancy console/portable hybrid machine:

Are there any thoughts on bringing The Witness, or even Braid, to the Nintendo Switch?

“There certainly have been thoughts in the past. There’s something I could say there, but I’m not sure if I can say it. You know, we would consider it. We’re not doing that right this second. We’re a very small studio and you can tell this iOS port took us a while. I think we did some other stuff before that, like we did the PS4 Pro HDR patch and upgraded stuff, and with Xbox One.

We have limited work power to deploy for various things, we just need to know if there would really be a sizeable audience there, and we’re not sure about that right now. I don’t know; if it seems like it would be a potentially successful thing then we would look at it, but we’ve also been working on this game for a while. We’re kind of ready to do new stuff, so it’s not high on the priority list, but I’m not saying we won’t ever do it.”

While there is no confirmation, it does seem that Jonathan Blow could be interesting in porting one of his popular games over to the Switch; so long as there’s a demand for it.

What do you think about his comments? What’s the likelihood of The Witness coming to the Switch? Leave your thoughts below.