God of War 4 Shows off Its Combat in an Epic Action-Packed Gameplay Trailer

Sony Shows off the Father and Son Dynamic in a New God of War 4 Trailer

Earlier this year Sony revealed some of the combat dynamics we can expect from God of War 4, detailing an interesting dynamic between Kratos and his son Atreus. At the time, it was met with a bit of criticism however Sony promised that we would enjoy the newest installment of the series. Now, they’ve released an action-packed trailer showcasing the combat dynamics even more.

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During Sony’s PlayStation Live event at the Paris Games Week 2017, the publisher of the popular series revealed an epic trailer showing off the father-son dynamic in a bit more detail. The developers behind God of War, SCE Santa Monica Studios, are promising that the latest game will feature a variety of changes, setting itself apart from the previous iterations.

Although there was no mention of a release date, Sony is sticking with its previously stated window of ‘early 2018’. Hopefully we’ll get a release date soon, however if we don’t hear anything soon, it might be safe to assume this and more details will be revealed at PSX 2017 in December.

In the trailer, we get to see more interaction between Kratos and Arteus, as they are guided through the caves by the fire troll, and then fight off some enemies together. You can check out the beautiful trailer below.

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