Collection of Sexy Pennywise Cosplay Coming to a Halloween Party Near You

Our man, Doug, reviewed It and said: “Overall, It is a terrific remake that rivals the original. Hell, I’ll just say it – I think it’s better. It’s funny, scary, violent, has a great cast, and reminded me of why I’m so disturbed by clowns. If there’s anything to say against it that isn’t my own bias, it’s that It probably isn’t going to scare you as much as you think. It’s creepy as all hell, but the actual scares aren’t quite as terrifying as I thought they were going to be. I mean, it haunts my dreams, but I didn’t jump out of my seat as often as I expected to.”

We have more pics and they seem to get better as we go. Enjoy!

Pennywise Cosplay 6

Pennywise Cosplay 7

Pennywise Cosplay 8

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