Anamorphine Releases New GIFs in Anticipation for Launch This Winter

Anamorphine is Giving Us Some Clues in These New GIFs

In an update to our article on the initial Anamorphine release news, Artifact 5 is dropping some new hints via new GIFs of the game. Check out one below:

new gifs

Like, what is that supposed to mean? Do you put your butt on the skull? This bone-bike? Oh boy.

In case you forgot, Anamorphine‘s backstory comes from Tyler struggling with guilt and post-traumatic denial after his wife Elena falls victim to an accident leaving her unable to play the cello―an activity that represents both her livelihood and emotional outlet. Elena quietly slips into depression as Tyler revisits the milestones of their relationship and attempts to overcome painful memories warped by his troubled psyche.

Pretty troubled, I’d say. Still, it’s nice to see a more finished product than the early teasers back in March. Looks like the team is working hard to make this the most surreal, Kronenberg world imaginable, and in terrifying VR nonetheless!

new gifs

Lotta bike stuff here. But what about Elena’s cello experience?

new gifs

There it is. What the hell is that skull next to the TV? I guess we’ll never know until the release.

Follow Anamorphine on Steam as it develops and look for Artifact 5’s updates on Twitter. No specific release date given, but the team is ballparking this winter.