PlayStation AU Unveils Real-Life Platinum Trophies for Players to Prove Themselves

Here’s to Intense Online Play in Australia

We know players take pride in mastering their games, and they do so by snagging that platinum trophy. But PlayStation Australia is taking things to the next level by introducing all-new replica platinum trophies for competitive completionists to get their hands on.

The Aussies have crafted a total of four trophies. They will be presented to four gamers who prove they are the first to platinum any of the chosen titles. To begin, players will have to Platinum FIFA 18From there, you have to screenshot the digital achievement, tagging PlayStation AU on either Facebook or Twitter and including the hashtag #PlusPlatinumHunters.

Games that will follow are Gran Turismo Sport (releasing on October 18) and Call of Duty WWII (releasing on November 3rd). All hope of your getting that trophy relies on you getting these games as soon as they release and not a second later. As for the fourth title, it will be announced at a later date. You can read more about the event and its conditions here.

This initiative is ideal for the most prolific platinum hunters; finally, something physical to validate one’s trophy-hunting prowess. Not to mention, it’s good marketing for PlayStation. We look forward to revealing the winners of these prestigious trophies as the first game kicks things off. FIFA 18 arrives on September 29, so keep it locked from there and beyond.

Happy gaming.