New Dragon Age Game May Not Be ‘Dragon Age 4,’ Says Director

BioWare Studio Is Open to Offshoot Titles

A few times over the course of the year, BioWare has confirmed that the next Dragon Age title is in the works. However, the next installment may not continue off the events of the last.

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According to Creative Director Mike Laidlaw, we may be looking at a different kind of game: a spin-off. Since the studio is being very hush-hush, there are numerous possibilities. There’s even the potential for a Dragon Age MMO. BioWare has gone on record stating they’d like to explore more of the franchise’s universe, and a new genre is not out of the question. “There is a ‘Dragon Age‘ project happening. It is not confirmed as the fourth main game in the series,” Laidlaw said.

The interesting thing about the Dragon Age franchise, unlike the Mass Effect Trilogy, is that each installment always brings a brand-new protagonist in a brand-new setting. However, there’s a very clear chronology where the events of the next game follow the events of the last. This is where the next “project” may vary, by not following the events of Inquisition. For all we know, BioWare is planning an installment that’s set during events that occurred in a previous game but with a different character. Thereby breaking continuity through the introduction of a concurrent timeline. If the game was set before Dragon Age Origins, then it would stop being a ‘Dragon Age’ title. Speaking of which, here’s to hoping for a Dragon Age Origins remake.

What’s your speculation on the next Dragon Age? Do you believe Laidlaw is hinting at a different kind of game? Let us know in the comments below.