Let’s All Watch FFXV’s Kingsglaive Crew Fight a King Behemoth

Epic Battles Are Just Better Together

The good people at Dualshockers have gifted us with some new footage from Final Fantasy XV‘s Comrades expansion, courtesy of the Active Time Report. The new footage focuses on a fight with a King Behemoth while giving us a look at some of the new elements in┬áthe combat system overall.

Final Fantasy XV Comrades Expansion

Final Fantasy XV has a system that feels custom-built for multiplayer. The brisk pace and active time elements are further away from the franchise’s roots than ever before. Having a cadre of other fighters help you out feels a lot more natural than frantically switching between characters in an effort to stay alive. While this takes a certain element of control away from the player, it’s still a proper step forward terms of combat mechanics. Whether or not the actual expansion content feels sufficiently fleshed out is another matter, one we’ll be able to get into properly once Comrades comes out next month.

Final Fantasy XV is out right now for PS4 and Xbox One. Comrades, the multiplayer expansion, will be out on October 31st, 2017. XV will also be out on PC sometime in 2018. While Active Time Report’s Tokyo Game Show 2017 segment is a meaty five hours in length, Dualshockers has an isolated clip of the King Behemoth fight, embedded below.