Step Aside Jessica Nigri, There is a New Curvy Sexy Queen of Cosplay in Town

Gabrielle Cooke’s Cosplay is Pure Fire 

Last week, we blew up the site when we posted some sizzling cosplay from Mariah Mallad who is a plus-sized model and professional cosplayer. While she has done various cosplay in the past, she is best known for her role as Mei from Overwatch. In keeping with the theme of curvy and gorgeous cosplayers, this week we thought we would share with you some super sexy cosplay from Gabrielle Cooke. As you can see, she is a stunner. Have a look at one of her best pics:

Gabrielle Cooke Cosplay Top

That is unquestionably a sharp looking cosplay photo featuring some incredible detail and fabulous lighting by the photographer; however, she also has a way of making your blood start pumping as evidenced by this borderline NSFW photo:

Gabrielle Cooke Cosplay 13


You have to admit, she is beautiful and certainly rivals anything the Queen of Cosplay, Jessica Nigri, has put together. Let’s take a look at one more pic before we turn the page shall we:

Gabrielle Cooke Cosplay 3

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