Digital SNES Classic Edition Manuals Include 135-page Earthbound Guide

It Even Includes the Scratch-And-Sniff Cards Too

Gamers rejoice! Like the NES Classic, Nintendo has released digital reproductions of SNES Classic games’ manuals online. Even if you didn’t manage to snag a system for yourself, you can at least partake in a small part of the SNES nostalgia by checking out their manuals online.

SNES Classic

First off, Star Fox 2 has a website with a few pages instead, but all other manuals are reproduced nicely as digital PDFs. A quick read through some and you’ll be able to glean some lovely extraneous information on the games. Check out Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting’s manual to learn Balrog is the youngest character on the roster. Super Mario RPG‘s manual also interests me as it spoils Bowser’s role in the game, but not Princess Peach’s. Anyway, burying the lead here, the 135-page Earthbound guide is the crown jewel of these digital reproductions.

SNES fans will remember that the America-centric RPG was released with a guide that doubled as a manual. The guide was beloved for Earthbound fans for being quirky too as it features oddities like the scratch-and-sniff cards above and the walkthrough is written as a “travel guide” to Onett. The beefy manual also throws in some nice character artwork too.

You’d save yourself $100 by just reading the Earthbound guide here as opposed to trying to buy a physical copy with high eBay prices that remain to this day.

Source: Nintendo