Ys Seven Launches for PC Worldwide on August 30

Ys Seven Will Get a 10% Discount on Its Opening Sales Week on Steam

Ys Seven‘s new PC port has been announced for a summer release awhile ago, but it now has an official release date for PC worldwide on August 30th. The 2009 PSP JRPG-action title will get some upgrades in this port that will make it different than the 2012 Chinese PC port. For instance, it’ll feature HD graphics running at a smooth 60 fps, controller support, achievements, trading cards, and cloud saves on Steam.

Ys Seven

If you’re a fan of the niche Falcom series, Ys Seven looks like an another solid addition to the famously tough series that once boasted a lack of healing items as a selling point for Ys: The Oath in Felghana. For the mainline entries in the series, Ys Seven also featured an innovative combat system that gave players the ability to switch between three characters, including Dogi and Geis from Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim.

Like many other XSeed Games Steam releases, be sure to grab the title in the opening week to enjoy a 10% discount.