Friday the 13th Single Player Mode Delayed and Summer Camp is Almost Over

Summer is Almost Over and So is the Release Window of Friday the 13th Single Player Mode

Friday the 13th: The Game is hilarious. Watching the screens of teen counselors run around while a big galoot smashes through the cabin door and tries to kill them is pure comedy gold. But what if you want to train up on a lesser A.I. before taking your pro-horror friends on in multiplayer? You may have to wait a little longer – and by “a little longer,” I mean indefinitely: Single player mode is still in the works.

Friday the 13th single player mode

The official Friday the 13th: The Game support account on Twitter answered a question about exactly when the single player mode for the game is going to arrive. “A work in progress” was the reply, with no timeline for the release of the update:

Lots of panicked exclamatory statements in that Tweet. While a disappointment, at least Gun Media is taking the time to answer players and respond to their demands. It’s still a work in progress, guys! Too bad it didn’t meet the original release window of “sometime in summer”! But maybe Halloween would be a perfect time to release it and set up a hype window and then maybe disappoint people again! Guess you’ll just have to have your big, powerful, muscular friends pound your weak, under-developed teen body in multiplayer!