Rumor: Bethesda Could Be Working on an Open World Game of Thrones Title

Rumor – Bethesda Working on a Game of Thrones Video Game?

If you’ve been waiting for a Game of Thrones video game that is worth it’s money, a retail leak may have just exposed that there is a new one in the works. And if you’re trying to rack your mind for the perfect studio to do the fantastic TV/Book series ultimate justice, think no further as the leak shows it as none other than Bethesda. Anyone else think that the studio behind Fallout and Skyrim and Game of Thrones is the dream combination?

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NeoGAF users have recently noticed a retail listing on the Target website for something called “Bethesda: Game of Thrones.” While there isn’t any other information available, and it could possibly be something other than a video game, a video game does seem like the best explanation. Of course, it could be just an honest mistake, like many retail leaks before it, it seems like a pretty specific mistake to make. This is especially true with the Game of Thrones Season 7 finale taking place tonight. Maybe, just maybe, there’s an exciting announcement in the near future with the conclusion of the latest season?

Now if this turns out to be true, it will be interesting to see what shape the Game of Thrones title will take, and whether Bethesda’s main RPG studio will be working on the game. Considering Skyrim was released almost six years ago, and there is no word on whether another game is in the works, maybe Bethesda has been busy at work on a Game of Thrones title for the past few years. If that’s true though, it’s very surprising that information about the existence of such a magical beast has not been leaked earlier.

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Many may remember that there have been a few Game of Thrones video games released over the past few years, including a mobile game, two RPG titles, and an episodic series from Telltale Games. Unfortunately, none of them were able to reach the high expectations set by the TV series. While Telltale’s story may have been the closest out of all of the titles to success, it was just unable to capture the essence of GOT. Although a Bethesda Game of Thrones open world RPG sounds fantastic, we may just want to wait to see if the leak is confirmed over the next little while.