The Original Xbox One Has Been Discontinued And is No Longer Available in the Microsoft Store

Microsoft Is Discontinuing the Original Xbox One 

If you’re a collector of discontinued, or retro game systems, you might want to add another console to the list. After less than four years on the market, Microsoft has officially discontinued the original Xbox One. Those wanting an Xbox One, now have the choice between the Xbox One S and the incoming Xbox One X.

original xbox one

While this move may not surprise many, with the upcoming release of the Xbox One X, on November 7th, the original 500GB Xbox One has only been available since late 2013. And while many fans of Xbox have likely upgraded to the Xbox One S or are planning on purchasing the Xbox One X, the news of the system’s retirement is still a blow to Xbox fans everywhere. It’s likely the short time period on the market is in part to a difference in system capacity, because while the original Xbox One only offers the 500GB model, the Xbox One S has double that with 1TB.

Console Deals noticed that the Xbox One is out of stock in the Microsoft Store, and it has now been confirmed it is set to remain that way, as Microsoft has no plans to replenish the stock. While the Microsoft Store in the UK still has a page for the console, complete with a price and product description, the purchase button has been greyed out and replaced with an ‘Out of stock’ button. Good luck finding anything but the refurbished model of the original Xbox One X in the US Microsoft Store though, as the system has disappeared from the website.

What do you think about this decision from Microsoft? Were you planning on picking up an original Xbox One console or has that ship sailed long ago? Let us know in the comments below and keep it locked for updates.