Lost Sphear Details Memories Mechanic

World Map Area Unlocks using the Power of Memories

Gematsu, always on top of translations, was able to help gleam some details of Square Enix’s upcoming Switch and PS4 old school JRPG, Lost Sphear. They go over some of the characters, the largest city in the game, but also detail the Memories system which looks to be a huge part of combat and world map exploration.

Lost Sphear

Here’s the deets from Gematsu below:

Obtaining Memories
– In order to restore what has been Lost, or otherwise rebuild it, Memories, which can be said are the heart of existence, are necessary
– Talk to people who know of Lost people and structures / read books related to Lost things to trace Memories
– With Kanata’s “power of Memories,” those Memories can be crystallized.
– Battle monsters living in each area to acquire the Memories they possess
– You may come across Memories crystallized throughout eternity
– Often using the precious Memories obtained by these methods, Kanata and company will revive what has become Lost
– The Lost phenomenon corroding the world threatens the everyday lives of the people
– Kanata will meet many people in despair on his journey
– Even the interiors of dungeons have become Lost
– Collect Memories to be able to advance to its depths

– Just like Kanata and company’s hometown, the lunar bell town of Eru, important artifacts that support the lives of the people suddenly became Lost one day
– World map is scattered with traces of these Lost artifacts
– Revive / rebuild these artifacts with the power of Memories so that the range of the player’s adventure will expand
– The powers possessed by these artifacts will grant players various benefits for their adventure
– The Lost phenomenon has developed across a vast range of the world map
– Important artifacts vital for communication, such as bridges and lighthouses, have become Lost
– In addition to being able to use Kanata’s power of Memory to constructing artifacts and restore a region from Lost, by reviving the huge lighthouse here known as the Clairvoyant Lighthouse, you will gain access to a mini-map

Artifacts that Change the Game
– Different types of artifacts
– These include those that increase the number of items you can obtain, those that have a significant effect on battle, and so on
– Artifacts you create using the Memories you collect will make a difference in Kanata and company’s journey
– By constructing the “Demon Eye Lighthouse,” you will be able to see monsters’ HP and ATB gauges in battle
– By constructing the “Zone Gate,” your critical rate when using the Instant System will increase in battle
– Even if you have created an artifact already, you can use new memories to rebuild another artifact

The retro-styled JRPG is scheduled for a release on PS4 and PC on January 13, 2018.

Source: Gematsu