There’s a Kickstarter to Make a More User-Friendly N64 Controller

No More Needing an Extra Hand Just to Hold the Damn Thing

If the thought of going back and playing your Nintendo 64 gives you hand cramps, you’re in luck! There’s a Kickstarter campaign happening right now to produce a better, more hand-friendly version of the infamous N64 controller!

Retro Fighters N64 Controller

Perhaps all this talk about the old version of this controller sounds like hyperbole. It wasn’t that bad, right? Well, the campaign has 26 days remaining and they’ve made almost five times their original funding goal. Clearly there’s a market out there for controllers that don’t have more sections than people have hands. Keep in mind, this isn’t a USB homage to the old system and its controllers. This product is built for use in the Nintendo 64. If you want to play with this product on your PC, you’ll need an adapter of some sort. Don’t worry, they both exist and are cheap.

Major innovations include moving the analog stick to one side, removing that weird middle leg section and changing the z-trigger to a set of shoulder buttons. Yes, we’ll all miss that middle trigger. It felt like operating a flight stick or an advanced weapon of some sort. This is still a massive leap ahead in terms of comfort and ergonomics. The schedule for delivery is later this year, meaning there’s little left to do as far as research and development go. Finally, the barrier to entry is $20 USD. That’s a pretty good price for a brand new N64 controller! You can check out the campaign in greater detail here.