Insomniac Games Talks Open World Size for Spider-Man on PS4

Spider-Man on PS4 Will Be ‘Several Times Larger’ Than Sunset City¬†

With a great new Spider-Man game on the horizon comes a great big open world to play in, and that looks to be what gamers can expect from Insomniac Games’ upcoming PS4 web-slinging exclusive.

It was discussed on Twitter, where a fan asked how big New York City will be in Spider-Man compared to a game like The Witcher 3. Insomniac replied back by saying that the map will be “several times larger than Sunset City,” the name of the sandbox in their last game, Sunset Overdrive. While this still may not be enough to go on, it does at least suggest that New York City should be large enough for players to play out their wildest Spidey fantasies.

At the time, Sunset City was the biggest game Insomniac had ever made but with a lead character such as Spider-Man at the forefront, New York City has to be a much a larger playground. Judging from its impressive E3 showing at the end of Sony’s conference, traversal looks to be much faster than it was in Sunset Overdrive which means players will cover ground more quickly.

It’s probably safe to say that the open world won’t be as big as The Witcher 3 or even this years’ The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for that matter, but it does sound¬†like this will be the biggest one designed for a Spider-Man game.

PS4 players will just have to wait and see when the game ships in 2018.

SOURCE: Twitter