Horizon Zero Dawn Patch 1.30 Adds New Game Plus & a Pack Full of Awesome

Guerrilla Games Gives More Reasons to Go Back to Horizon before the DLC Drops

Guerilla Games is coming up with new ideas for Horizon Zero Dawn’s ‘Frozen Wilds’ DLC as we speak. In the meantime, they’ve delivered a new patch to give the current build some extra replayability. Just as fans have asked, developers have added a New Game+. It’s just one of the new changes coming with patch 1.30

Horizon: Zero Dawn Top Screen map

Along with New Game+, patch 1.30 brings a couple more trophies players can add to their achievements. And if you so choose, you can increase the game’s difficulty to the new ‘Ultra Hard.’ That way players can experience Horizon Zero Dawn with greater challenges. Even so, if players so choose, they can change the difficulty to an easier setting at any time.

Furthermore, New Game+ will include additional pieces of armor that hold more modification slots. As the difficulty increases, so too do the upgrades. However, these pieces of equipment will cost some extra shards.

Additionally, there will be some fixes to progression and overall polish to the technical aspect. But speaking on the aesthetic side, Guerilla added new items apply face paint to Aloy. Just a little way of personalizing her appearance, along with changes to her Focus. That’s right. Players will also be able to change the color of Aloy’s Focus. As a result, the replayability just went up substantially.

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