Horizon Forbidden West DLC Comes With Bonus Skin if Pre-Ordered

A Burning Shores Sensation

Pre-ordering a game is a pretty common practice. It’s a way of a retailer or seller to secure a payment from a customer. Sometimes, bonuses come attached to pre-orders to sweeten the deal. We talk about them a lot here at COGconnected. Guerrilla Games is offering its own bonus for pre-ordering the Horizon Forbidden West DLC.

The Burning Shores DLC is set in the fiery, post-apocalyptic California. It’s all on fire, just like real Cali. The events of Burning Shores take place after the main story of Horizon Forbidden West. So, in order to play the DLC, you must beat the game.

Horizon Forbidden West

If you pre-order Burning Shores, you will get a couple of skins. There is the Blacktide Dye Outfit and the Blacktide Sharpshot Bow. These are just cosmetics and will be available from the first merchant you meet in the DLC.

Pre-ordering DLC may seem like a rather strange practice. Since the items in this case are only cosmetic, they do not offer any advantage, but players who purchase the DLC later may miss out on them. Though depending on what bonuses could potentially be offered by other games, this could be a slippery slope of a sales strategy.

Regardless of when you purchase the DLC, the price will remain the same. Might as well get a free skin out of it and buy it early, right? It comes out on April 14th. Just a reminder, Burning Shores is not being released for the PS4 version of Horizon Forbidden West. You can pick up the base game for PS4 or PS5.

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