Gran Turismo Sport 1.08 Beta Has Wear and Tear Added – Just Like a Real Car

Fast and Furious – Gran Turismo Sport 1.08 Beta Focuses on Penalties for Reckless Drivers

Gran Turismo Sport released an update for its Beta users a few days ago that introduces more management to worry about, such as time penalties, fuel management, and bending your struts in a collision so your car runs like crap for the entire rest of the race.

The release notes for the update are as follows:

Main features implemented

Time penalties will now be incurred if collisions between cars take place under certain conditions
The issue that caused camera settings to be reset when restarting a race has been fixed
Other improvements and adjustments

Various issues have been addressed.
Furthermore, after this patch has been applied, we are planning to hold races that feature tyre wear, fuel depletion, and car damage

Tyre wear is just as you’d expect it: the longer you’re on the track, the more traction is lost, but you also get closer to that “sweet spot” as your tires warm up on the track.

Gran Turismo is expected to release on the PS4 on November 16th.

Below are some videos showcasing mechanical damage from a crash, and tyre wear over a period of two hours of driving. Enjoy!