Free Update to Cave Story+ Will Bring Back “Classic Graphics” on Switch

Switch Version of Cave Story+ to Be Patched in August

Cave Story+ for the Nintendo Switch is a great way to experience the game, whether it’s for the first time or the 100th time. Daisuke “Pixel” Amaya’s indie action platformer was ported to Nintendo’s new machine last month, and despite previously being called the definitive version of the game, fans noticed that something was missing.

Cave story+ 1280

The PC version of Cave Story+ allowed plays to switch back and forth between the updated visuals and the original graphics; or as some would call it, classic graphics. The Switch version strangely doesn’t have this feature baked in — but not for much longer.

Nicalis, the publisher for Cave Story, has confirmed over Twitter that a free update for the Switch version will arrive in August that will patch in the classic graphics option. Just like in the PC version, plays will be able to toggle between them at any time.

“Submission to Nintendo takes a little time to get approved!” Nicalis added in a separate¬†tweet. “August is technically three weeks away!”

With this feature returning, the Switch version truly can be called the definitive edition. With new stages, items, and local co-op coming in another future update, Cave Story+ on Switch really will be the best way to play this classic indie darling. Now, if only the Switch price came down a bit.