Co-Op Couch Puzzler Death Squared Hits Nintendo Switch

Death Squared Hits Nintendo Switch – Navigate Robots through Dangerous Testing Facilities in this Riveting Co-Op Couch Puzzler

Death Squared hits Nintendo Switch today, bringing the enticing couch co-op puzzle game to the Nintendo family. The game puts players in the pilot seats of robots as they navigate they way out of a dangerous testing facility that’s just teeming with deadly traps, and everyone must make it out together, or not at all. While making your way through the menacing facility, avoid treacherous obstacles like spikes, lasers, and the constantly looming threat of falling to your death, both your skills and your friendships will truly be put to the test.

death squared hits nintendo switch
Death Squared Multiplayer Madness

The controls are simple, just pick up a Joy-Con and play away! The true challenge will come from your navigational skills and reaction times as you trudge through the ominous test chambers. If one player on the team dies, the entire robot squad must start over at square one. In order to reach safety, each player will need to hit their color-coded waypoint without being destroyed by one of the deadly obstacles scattered throughout the stage. One wrong move could cost the whole team’s advancement, and you’ll all have to start over!

Luckily, each misstep comes along with an instant respawn, which allows for teams to quickly put their newfound tactics to use, making deaths exciting and fast-paced instead of grinding and frustrating.

With an 80-stage campaign that allows two players to work together and 40 additional four-player party mode puzzles with tons of unlockable content, which includes content and levels exclusive to the Nintendo Switch version of Death Squared, hours of endless fun lie ahead for people wanting to team up for strategic and explosive robot antics.

Check out the trailer showing off the joy of sharing explosions with your friends in the video below!:

Death Squared is available on Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One and now Nintendo Switch.

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